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With a large number of artists coming up providing good quality music, this could also be another opportunity to introduce them to the public. Keep us informed, maybe there is a new upcoming release or you have inside industry information that could be useful.

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Are you an a musician or industry leader. Get to provide useful information in a form of an article to a group of people who have subscribed. We have a community of musicians, music fans and podcasters using this platform ready to go through your content.



Forget radio airplay, do this instead

Radio airplay is not as important for your career as you always think it is. Music radio in the current format is quickly facing a slow death. If you really want to build your career as a musician, forget radio. Outrageous as this seems, this is important to understand.

This is why Tiktok has become the biggest music radio station

If you are an African musician and thinking global stardom, this promises to be the deal for you. No really, this might be a good start. I mean, the reason why musicians want their music to reach radio stations is because of the potential reach that their music could enjoy with radio airplay and potential royalty pay-outs..

Take advantage of data analytics today and build your fanbase

The new insights page retains these insights but includes new functionalities. We sort to provide clarity on the relevance on some of these functionalities and on why they are important and how they can be used